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CARELINER|L Pferdeanhänger in Schwarz
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*Optional accessory
**Depending on the model
Saddles not included.

If you already know the CARELINER|M horse trailer, you should get to know the whole CARELINER family. The entire product family is just as refreshingly different as the original:

  • Different with the unique LONG-LIFE system, 100 % wood-free and therefore rot-proof.
  • Different with the option of using our CARELINER family with almost any vehicle sizes – from the Golf class through to SUVs.
  • Different with the panorama window* that lights up the interior and looks great on the outside.
  • Different with the tilting vent windows that ensure draught-free interior ventilation.
  • Different with the versatile saddle compartment concept that can be easily adapted to our three CARELINER models.
  • Different with BODY-PROTECT chassis that ensures perfect road handling at all times.
  • Different with the aluminium wheel rims that add style to your horse trailer.
  • Different with the side panel viewing slits for an unobstructed view during manoeuvring.
  • Different than all the others - our trailers are 100% Made in Germany.

Perfectly matches your car.
And your style.

CARELINER Pferdetransport von Bücker Trailer

The towing vehicle and the horse trailer should always match as an optimum duo for transporting your horse. The CARELINER design has impressively dynamic lines and an integrated styling concept which can be enhanced with a shapely panorama window. The Bücker PAINT-PICKER system is also innovative - 16 on-trend colours that you can choose to personalise your CARELINER with your own individual signature style – with a monochrome or two-tone finish on the trailer body and cap.



Bücker PAINT-PICKER-System für Pferdeanhänger-Konfiguration

Pick a Paint.

Your style, your choice.

Completely wood-free!
The Bücker LONG-LIFE system.

Pferdetransport mit dem Bücker CARELINER – Heckansicht Pferdeanhänger
*Optionally available in the LED package.

Our CARELINERs are 100 % wood free – and therefore rot-free. The walls and rear loading flap are manufactured with a GRP sandwich construction with a core that prevents moisture absorption. The floor is similarly designed with an aluminium sandwich construction with a hydrophobic core. This means that your horse always has a safe vehicle to stand in – and you will have lasting joy in your investment.


Bücker LONG-LIFE im CARELINER Pferdeanhänger


Because it’s your investment.

CARELINER Pferdeanhänger Vollpoly Details

Getting away.
Horse trailer with comfort.

CARELINER Pferdetransportanhänger Maße
*2,36 m for CARELINER|S.
Sicherer Pferdetransport mit dem Bücker BODY PROTECT


Noch sicherer Pferdetransport mit dem Bücker BODY PROTECT+


*available with independent wheel suspension.

The Bücker BODY-PROTECT chassis has a reinforced frame that ensures optimum road handling for you and your horse trailer in all conditions. What’s more, it earns extra kudos for the integration of single-wheel suspension and additional shock absorbers – a further development of existing automotive manufacturing design. That’s why we call it Bücker BODY-PROTECT+. The lowered design always ensures extremely easy access for you and your horse. At the same time the cap height of 2.39 m* offers unsurpassed headroom – just as the front entrance door lets you into your horse trailer with your head held high.

Safe horse transport.
More safety up your sleeve.

Sicherer Pferdetransport dank Umfeldbeleuchtungssytem
*Optional accessory

Experience our CARELINER personally

CARELINER Pferdeanhänger für Pferdetransport – Produktvideo
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With the CARELINER horse trailers you have more safety up your sleeve:

  • The innovative Bücker BODY-PROTECT chassis in your CARELINER horse trailer guarantees optimum road handling during horse transport. The optional BODY-PROTECT+ chassis is also available with independent wheel suspension and additional shock absorbers.
  • Both versions are lowered and ensure that your horse can access the trailer easily and comfortably.
  • The Bücker LED-package: The Bücker AMBIENT LED LIGHT system for safe loading and unloading at night, a saddle compartment LED light so that you never have to fumble around in the dark again as well as the BI-LED LIGHT that can be switched from white to a calming blue – and back again.
  • The anti-slip rubber mat, the side padding as a standard feature as well as the breast/breech bar system with adjustable length and height provide extra protection during horse transport.
  • With the panic release feature you always have everything under control, even in emergencies.
  • A third brake light enhances safety in dense traffic, and the doors of your horse trailer can naturally also be locked from the outside.

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Pferdetransport Innovationen von der Bücker Trailer


Hard shell. Strong core.
This innovation is the combination of the best of the aluminium and Careliner worlds. With our practical configurator you can turn it into your very own personal CARELINER|ALU.


Pferdetransport Innovationen von der Bücker Trailer


The space phenomenon
More space, more freedom of movement With an additional saddle compartment interior door as well as a movable saddle mount including freely pivoting saddle racks. You can also integrate a mobile saddle box.

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Pferdetransport Innovationen von der Bücker Trailer


The original
The CARELINER I M has won the red dot Award, the Innovation Prize as well as the Reader’s Award of “Pferd & Jagd” magazine. The all-rounder for you – with an integrated saddle compartment and a calm transport environment.

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Pferdetransport Innovationen von der Bücker Trailer


Only you and your horse
The CARELINER I S has an impressively high standard of quality, safety, manoeuvrability, an outstanding attention to detail and is also compatible with compact cars. In short: It’s in a class of its own. For you!

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