Think Blue

To put the horses across a wellbeing feeling we chose the BI – COLOR – LED lighting and listed it in our extra equipment. The optional lighting is designed with a trigger switch on the saddle box. You can choose between a bright white light for the loading or a dimmed blue light during the transport. Thus serving the optional lighting to a stress - free transport. The blue light can influence the body for a positive wellbeing feeling and take supportive effect by hardening. It also helps to relax with nervousness, because it sets the pulse rate down and acts paregoric.
The extra equipment has already proved itself with the Careliner L. Therefore, the BI-COLOR-LED lighting is from now on as LED packaging also contained in the extra equipment selection for the Careliner M and the Careliner S.

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Die BI-COLOR-LED erfüllt den gesamten Pferdeanhänger mit weißem oder blauem Licht.

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BI-COLOR-LED Vorne Pferdeanhänger

Das blaue Licht wirkt sich beruhigend auf dein Pferd aus und lässt es sich während des Transports entspannen.

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