2018 the year of joyful surprises

100% woodfree

With Careliner you drive 100% woodfree. Our full poly trailer contains no more wood anymore. For the production of the sidewalls and the rear flap, a special reinforcing foam from the wind power industry is used. It is also used on rotor blades and therefore it withstands extreme loads. It is hydrophobic and consequently free of rotting construction. Of course, we use an aluminium composite for the manufacturing of the floor. Luckily, pictures of rotting floors and side walls are a thing of the past.

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100% Flexible with the ramp-door-system

Our optional Ramp-Door-System can be opened 180 degrees to integrate the Careliner more flexibly into the horse operation. Thus, for example, for loading and unloading a round bale, the rear ramp can be folded away as a door just sideways. At the same time, it can be used as a normal ramp again in one movement to make horses the entry as comfortable as possible with the aid of the flat angle. Available from March for the CARELINER|M and the CARELINER|L.

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100% maritime climate

We have further expanded our partnership with Oxygen Concept. Using an ultrasonic nebulizer, the horse inhales a 5% dead sea brine solution with the optional addition of ionized oxygen. Since November, the first Careliner have been driving through Germany as a mobile inhalation cabin. In this way, Oxygen Concept can now individually address customer needs, which size of trailer fits and which equipment is used for the individual treatment methods.

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